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11.02.20 08:42 AM Comment(s) By Johan

Technology and the Classroom 

The use of technology in the classroom has become more and more relevant in the digital age. Education is no longer the dragged out process it used to be, technology has brought with it change to the classroom. Gone are the days of paper and long dragged out writing on the blackboard. One could say if technology has done one thing, it has made things easier for teachers and learners alike. Furthermore students now have the chance to get familiar with coding and other programming languages from an early age, things that previously were not the norm.

When you think of a solution like BLUETOWN,(read about the solution here) one begins to understand the importance of being connected in a technological world. The sad reality is that there are many people around the world who is very much still unconnected. As much as technology is changing classrooms, it is also changing the way in which people communicate and the method used in how people connect.

FSJ Solutions is excited to be a part of this solution and the impact it can have on countless individuals. What makes BLUETOWN so unique is its Intranet, a local and always connected collection of information on Education, Health, and E-Governance. Those who have not yet reaped the benefits of technology on Education can not only do so, but they can also share information, work out lesson plans, up skill and more. 

Technology has brought with it change in the classroom. It has and will bring change to rural and remote areas where the thought of being connected was once only a dream. It is and will change everything for so many. Education is just part of a bigger beginning. It is a right, no longer a privelage.

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